POPCAP’15 in Basel, Switzerland

Jun 12, 2015

When we were approached by Benjamin Füglister, the Artistic Director of POPCAP, we immediately saw a great potential Dott, and especially its great ability to handle traveling exhibitions. Ben describes POPCAP as a contemporary African photography competition created to promote African photography in the arts and to increase publicity for artists whose work deals with the African continent. The award consists of a series of international exhibitions, with the aim of drawing attention to African photography worldwide and giving artists an opportunity to network.

The main exhibition is in Basel but is also held with other exhibition partners in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

To increase visibility, we built POPCAP an app of their own, all while Ben and his staff created content for the guide. Ben also plans to interview the photographers in Basel and attach their stories as sound dotts on the photos that will then travel the world.

The five photographic projects that are on show at Image Afrique as part of POPCAP are:

  • Filipe Branquinho – Interior Landscapes
  • Zed Nelson – South Africa – After Mandela
  • Tahir Carl Karmali – Jua Kali
  • Zied Ben Romdhane – Children of the Moon
  • Romaric Tisserand – Ultramar (Empire Travel Club)

Also two historic photography projects:

  • African Photography Initiatives – Inside and outside… photography
  • HIP Uganda – Elly Rwakoma (b1937)

For more information, check out the following links:

Image Afrique '15 – Contemporary African Photography

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